Considered these things while writing dissertation abstract

The abstract is a summary of more extensive work as a dissertation. It allows the reader to identify the paper. The entire abstract include:

  • A sentence about your main topic, its purpose, and objectives
  • A description of the methodology
  • All overview about the most significant argument and findings
  • A conclusion and recommendations

You know that the dissertation abstract appears at the beginning of a document, but it may be the last aspect which you have written.  In the thesis, it includes on the separate page after the page of title and acknowledgments and before the table content. The limits must be 250-300 words, but its length is depending on the assignment.

When to write

In all the situations the abstract is that thing which should be written at last. It is an entirely self-contained text; no one can copy it and an independent concept. Its primary purpose is to write all the main points and should be understandable to the reader. The easy way to write the dissertation abstract is to emulate the structure of the significant work; you have to think about it as a miniature version of the essay.

Topics and main aims

You need to start clear-cut meanings which define your topic. There are some ways which help you in knowing about it’s formulate:

  • Research problem
  • Objectives
  • Research question
  • Thesis statement

You have to know about its sentence is in past tense or present, but there is no need to define the future because you also don’t know what is going to be next.


Once you have written the central aim of your topic which indicates some methods. The methods should be explained in the straightforward that would contain only one or two lines. It can be written in the past tense which describes all the actions. There is no need to evaluate the validity; the goals may not explain all the strengths and weakness of methodology, but it provides a quick insight into the topic to the reader.


The result means to summarize the research. This part should be written in both tenses past or present but not be in the future. The length is depending on your complex investigation, it may be not possible to write all the aspects, but it can be written in their main points.

Thus, it all about the dissertation abstract which helps you in writing the best abstract about your topic.